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Our team is made up of men and women with a mix of technical backgrounds. We provide an abundance of benefits to encourage, retain and advance our employees. We are currently looking for:



  • 10 days of paid vacation per year to start; 15 days per year at five years of service
  • Nine paid holidays
  • Company paid health insurance premiums
  • Company paid dental insurance premiums
  • Paid overtime
  • Company paid short-/long-term disability and life insurance
  • Annual bonus program
  • Student loan assistance
  • 401(k) plan with company match
  • Continuing education/professional development

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An MP&A engineer will work closely with our geologists, environmental scientists and toxicologists, as well as collaborating technical staff from partner firms, to provide a total package of environmental expertise to meet the needs of our clients. The range of tasks of an engineer on our team can include:

  • Environmental sampling with a focus on the application of engineering principles (such as soil mechanics, remediation planning, alternatives analysis, benefit and cost evaluation and assessment of potential for completed exposure pathways)
  • Identification of data needs, data gaps and the design of investigation programs to gather the needed data
  • Evaluation of available data in the context of designing and implementing sustainable remedies to address environmental impacts
  • Regulatory review and compliance evaluation to identify innovative remediation approaches to address environmental impacts
  • Review of available technologies to address environmental concerns in a manner to meet remediation objectives
  • Evaluating remedial technologies to ensure compliance with remedy standards
  • Preliminary and final design activities
  • Assembly of remediation bid packages for potential contractors and evaluation of the resulting bids
  • Contractor oversight and documentation
  • Agency communications and negotiations



Approximately half of the environmental professionals at MP&A hold degrees in geology or hydrogeology. Ideal candidates for openings at our firm will have a Master of Science degree in geology or hydrogeology, plus some level of environmental field experience. Depending on individual experience and our workload at any given time, our geoscientists perform a healthy mix of field and office work. MP&A geologists/hydrogeologists perform the following range of tasks:

  • Design and implement large- and small-scale soil and groundwater investigations at operating and inactive/abandoned facilities
  • Perform detailed logging of soil cores to aid in stratigraphic characterization of sites
  • Conduct aquifer testing (e.g., slug tests and pumping tests) to determine the hydraulic properties of water-bearing zones and assist in aquifer classification
  • Assemble, summarize and evaluate field and laboratory data to determine if additional site assessment and/or site remediation are necessary
  • Prepare in-depth reports summarizing site investigation results and provide recommendations for further action, if necessary
  • Supervise the work of contract drillers, laboratories and land surveyors
  • Assist in the screening and evaluating of remedial alternatives, and the development and implementation remedial action plans
  • Communicate and coordinate with clients, regulatory agencies and other consulting firms
  • Manage large multi-disciplinary projects on behalf clients

In addition to their day-to-day work, our geoscientists collaborate with some of the foremost experts in the world on regional and site-specific geological/hydrogeological studies. The challenges of characterizing and evaluating the complex stratigraphy and groundwater conditions in the Gulf Coast region make working at MP&A a great opportunity to learn, grow and thrive as a geologist/hydrogeologist.


Environmental Professionals

Professionals with specialized environmental degrees have an opportunity with MP&A to provide expertise to clients and coworkers, while continuously working and learning in their academic field. Our environmental professionals hold advanced degrees in toxicology, geology, engineering and more. professionals with advanced degrees will do hands-on work in the field, as well as research and manage projects. We currently offer specialized services to clients in the fields of toxicology, radiation science, and wetlands assessments. 


Environmental Scientists

Environmental scientists are detail-oriented individuals with mechanical aptitude, excellent verbal and written communication skills, commitment to safety and client satisfaction, and capability of working independently or cooperatively with a team. They are involved in all facets of environmental investigation, litigation, sampling, remediation, rehabilitation, and restoration. At MP&A, our environmental scientists design, supervise and conduct/oversee environmental field investigations including:

  • Biological tissue sampling
  • Soil sampling
  • Surface water sampling
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Sediment sampling
  • Wetlands assessments and delineations
  • Toxicity testing
  • Biological community surveys
  • Site reconnaissance surveys
  • Surveys to document ecological resources at a site

Project Managers

MP&A project managers have diverse backgrounds including experience in geology, engineering, environmental science, biology and toxicology.  Project managers visit every site and are intimately familiar with site-specific conditions - we do not rely upon secondhand information.  This prepares us to respond to our clients’ needs and to any situation that arises during the performance of our work. Our project managers select team members appropriate for each task, throughout the life of the project.  This team approach allows MP&A to match the appropriate billing rate and skill level to every task, saving our clients’ money without sacrificing quality.

Project managers have working relationships with regulators, interface with regulatory agencies, work with other consultants, engage with property owners, and counsel clients to ensure all work is conducted smoothly and in accordance with applicable regulations.