Data Services            

Data Interpretation

With years of experience in analyzing and interpreting environmental data that we’ve collected as well as data that is provided to us from other sources, we have expertise in analyzing data from sediment, soil, groundwater, surface water, air and biological species. Our expertise in constituent analysis includes carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic compounds in the full range of metals, hydrocarbons, volatiles and chlorinated compounds. A large part of finding solutions for environmental problems is knowing how to find answers in the data. 

  • Data Patterns
    We use data to identify issues including contaminant sources, fingerprinting locations of historical disturbances, effects due to subsurface lithology, background levels of constituents, constituent concentrations affected by natural geologic activity, and effects of water movement on soil constituents.
  • Risk Assessment
    By analyzing data to determine contaminant concentrations in soils, sediments, waters, air and shellfish, we can measure the risk of human health or ecological risk. Our expertise in this area includes human health and ecological risk assessments of metals, hydrocarbons, volatiles and chlorinated compounds.

  • Local Ecosystems
    Our staff is experienced in analyzing data results from natural and altered settings including fresh and intermediate marsh, coastal ecosystems and salt marsh, flooded forests, croplands, cypress swamps, pine forests, hardwood forest, and residential and urban settings. Our years of experience and study of these settings allows us to identify within the data constituents that are typical or background, and ones that are introduced.

  • Data Analyses
    We analyze data to find answers and patterns using measures including 95% UCL, arithmetic mean, median values, evaluation of maximum and non-detect values, count data, data percentages and change in data over time.

Data Management

MP&A specializes in the data management needs of clients and regulatory agencies. Our network capabilities provide a secure and reliable platform for project-related data. We offer cloud-based, File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and other electronic file solutions for seamless, secure, site-specific data accessible to project team members anywhere.

Custom data services can be developed by our experienced and qualified professionals to meet a variety of needs. For example, cloud-based, password protected sites can be created for project teams and/or clients with customizable access options including uploading, downloading and transferring data. MP&A custom services also include helping clients maintain, manage and submit data to regulatory agencies to meet key deadlines. Additional services include data archiving, tabulation, presentation, conversion and evaluation. 


We actively integrate GPS and GIS technology through every phase of an environmental assessment. Historic aerial photograph collections give us information about the history of infrastructure and development as far back as the beginning of the twentieth century before even stepping foot on a site. GPS/GNSS receivers have become a staple part of on-site investigations because they allow scientists to record precise locations of data collected in the field. This data becomes even more important when integrated into GIS systems, allowing data to be analyzed for spatial patterns that may be unclear when viewed in other ways. 

Photo Tagging

We photograph each sampling location as well as each sample. These photographs are then GIS-tagged and time-stamped for integration into a site-specific GIS database. At any point thereafter, these photographs can be called up for any location in the field by a simple click on the computer.

Benefits of Data Management by MP&A

  • Secure
  • Cost controlled
  • Project specific
  • Clearly organized
  • Easily accessed
  • Easily transmitted
  • Maintains quality assurance/quality control