Facility Closure


Our experienced team can accomplish the numerous activities involved in closing a shuttered industrial facility and achieving regulatory compliance. Facility closure often involves a detailed site inventory, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and a Phase II ESA. We also perform asbestos, lead paint and Natural Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) surveys. MP&A is experienced in identifying the “recognized environmental conditions” and identifying the steps required to confirm absence of impact.  

One of the challenges to facility closure is identification of unmarked containers and unused materials for proper disposal, recycle, scrap sales or reuse. MP&A staff collectively has years of experience finding the proper and most cost-effective final destination for blast media, asbestos, paint, solvents, oil, hydraulic fluids, printing ink, wastewater, tires, hoses, gaskets, batteries, concrete, scrap steel, tanks, pipes, motors, valves, medical waste, meters, fluorescent lights and ballasts.

We are experienced at permitting and writing the work plans, project specifications and drawings for cleaning, decontamination and demolition of buildings, structures and equipment. By providing field direction, monitoring, documentation, measurement and reporting of the work, we are able to work and communicate in a sensitive manner with the rotation of facility/client staff typically experienced in the final days of a facility closeout. To secure the no further action letters necessary for final abandonment, sale or redevelopment/leasing of the property, we work with local, regional, State and Federal regulators.