Groundwater Assessment and Remediation 

Hydrogeologic Investigations

Our team of professionals are the best in the industry at conducting groundwater field testing and data collection.  We recognize the importance of accurate and complete data.  Our standards for data collection are stringent, and we hire professionals who have the drive to be the best as well as maintain our standards.

Michael Pisani & Associates professionals conduct subsurface investigations to define site conditions, including:

  • Installing multiple diameter and depth monitoring wells and piezometers to collect groundwater samples to identify contaminant concentrations as well as the horizontal and vertical distribution of contaminants in the groundwater
  • Performing pumping  tests
  • Air sparging to perform remediation
  • Vaccuum extraction and/or pumping
  • Chemical injection to perform in-situ remediation

MP&A collects groundwater data to determine:

  • Groundwater recharge rates
  • Depth to groundwater
  • Groundwater production
  • Groundwater classification
  • Contaminant plume locations
  • Contaminant partitioning between soil and water
  • Areas of natural attenuation
  • Naturally occurring geochemical parameters
  • Groundwater flow direction
  • Groundwater flow rate
  • Success of remedial goals