Litigation Support

Expert Report/Expert Opinions

Since 1995, we have been a leader in litigation support in Louisiana. We provide expert reports, expert opinions and expert testimony for litigation in oil and gas legacy cases as well as for other environmental projects in the petrochemical industry. Our experts are experienced in hydrogeology, toxicology, engineering, wetlands sciences, environmental regulatory compliance and remediation with years of hands-on experience in the field. For litigation, our experts formulate solutions to difficult problems, work collaboratively with the litigation team and are well respected for their work.

Legacy Oil and Gas Sites

MP&A provides the resources, knowledge and expertise in the mapping, assessment, testing, delineation, evaluation, remedial planning, remedial design, regulatory liaison, cost estimating, scheduling, remediation and reporting of old abandoned or partially abandoned oil and gas exploration and production sites in Louisiana. These sites are referred to as "legacy" sites and are often embroiled in environmental litigation between the current landowners and past oil and gas operating companies on the property. The site assessments require extensive time in the field and the sites are often located in remote and difficult to access locations such as marsh areas which require airboats to access, or upland forests requiring all-terrain vehicles to access. Our work in the field requires soil, sediment, surface water and groundwater sampling, NORM surveying, equipment inventories, and habitat inventories. We sometimes perform fish and wildlife evaluations. We monitor, document and map the work of other investigators examining the property. Extensive documentation and the highest quality work are necessary to support the parallel litigation efforts. We work with contractors to design and implement cleanup of soils, sediments and groundwater. We direct, manage, monitor and document the cleanup activities when they are necessary.

Refined Petroleum Release Sites

We provide soil and groundwater assessments associated with leaking underground storage tanks and pipelines. We evaluate various potential response activities and recommend the most acceptable, cost-effective and feasible remediation plan. We often implement petroleum fingerprinting studies in conjunction with our groundwater assessment to date the release and to identify other possible contributors to the identified impacts. We perform product thickness testing and mass calculations. All of this information helps us develop our expert opinion(s) that are presented to the Court. 

Release to Air

Our team gathers supporting data and performs field testing in response to releases of constituents to the air. We work with air modelers, where necessary, to estimate exposure concentration/dose at various receptor points. We calculate the potential health risk, if any, to exposure to the release and compare it to EPA standards. This information forms the basis of our expert opinion(s) and testimony to the Court.

Construction Claims

MP&A engineers are experienced at evaluating construction projects and contractor claims. This often involves forensic analyses of the entire project including bid data, public domain data, bid documents, bid questions/answers, contract documents, production rates, planned/actual schedule, encountered conditions, downtime and cause, change orders, mass balances of remediated materials, subcontractor performance and accident statistics. Data from the forensic analyses is used to understand the root cause of the claimed condition. The evaluation is reduced to report format and presented at meetings, mediation, arbitration or trial. 

CERCLA Compliance and Cost Recovery

MP&A is an expert at evaluating response actions at CERCLA or similar sites by either the EPA or a private party and opining on consistency with the National Contingency Plan. These opinions are then used in support or defense of cost recovery actions.