Zero OSHA-Reportable Injuries: Our Three-Year Record

July 2015: MP&A has had zero OSHA-reportable injuries in the past three years in all working conditions and environments, including industrial facilities, remote swamps, coastal marshes, marine settings, cropland, and neighborhoods.  As a result of our recognized expertise in health and safety, MP&A has been asked to assist with preparing contractors for Contractor Safety Program audits and our own programs have been audited and approved by major oil company client groups.  Our company is registered with ISNetworld, a third-party verification service for Health and Safety programs, and we are a member the National Safety Council.  We conduct initial and annual health and safety training, occupational physicals, and drug testing on all non-administrative employees.  We train our employees in 40-hour HAZWOPER training, first aid instruction, and driver safety education.  Our program includes strong leadership and all employees working together to achieve our goal of zero incidents.