Pigzani & Hogsociates Supporting 2017 “Hogs for the Cause”

MP&A (aka, “Pigzani & Hogsociates”) has begun the prep for another round of food, fun, and fundraising to support Hogs for the Cause (http://www.hogsforthecause.org).  Last year, MP&A and its sponsorship partners raised $6,000 in support of the Hogs’ mission and we hope to blow that total out of the water this year.  Last year’s fundraising efforts earned us first booth location selection in our category and we have a primo piggy selling location right near the entrance of the new (and flood-proof) venue!!!

Anyone interested in helping support us in reaching our fundraising goals, please feel free to reach out to our Office Manager Diana Graham (dgraham@mpisani.com) or our Hogs Committee Chairman Gray Adams (gadams@mpisani.com).  All donors will have their logos posted at our booth for all festival entrants to see.   

If you plan to purchase a ticket, please select that you are purchasing the ticket on behalf of team Pigzani & Hogsociates from the dropdown menu on the Hogs website.  This will add more donations to the pot at no cost to you.

We hope to see you there March 31st through April 1st at the Lakefront Arena Festival Grounds!

Team Pigzani and Hogsociates