Investigation & Remediation

Our Approach to Environmentally Sustainable Restoration. 

The Michael Pisani & Associates approach to remediation is firmly rooted in the three pillars of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

  • We address environmental concerns by limiting impacts to human health and the ecosystem by using technically sound remedies.
  • The social aspect of sustainable remediation is always considered by using remedies with the least burden to the local infrastructure or community. For example, a remedy that removes all impacted soil and groundwater and ships that material offsite in hundreds of trucks through residential neighborhoods may be not be the best solution for the environment or for the community.
  • The economic aspect of environmentally sustainable remediation is addressed by using a benefit-cost analysis of alternatives to select the remedy that provides the most environmental protection at the least cost with acceptable long-term risk.

Our approach focuses on solutions that balance the three pillars of sustainability – human health and ecosystems (environment), the local and global community (social) and resource allocation (economic).

Forensic Site Investigations

We conduct Phase I, II, and III “due diligence” investigations of industrial properties to estimate liabilities due to historical on-site operations.  These forensic investigations involve both desktop and field investigations.  During investigations, we utilize numerous forensic tools to uncover the “environmental history” of a site including:

  • Historical aerial photography
  • Sanborn fire insurance maps
  • Historical city and telephone directories
  • Company annual reports
  • Hydrocarbon fingerprinting
  • Water quality analyses (Stiff and Piper diagrams)
  • Historical documents obtained from libraries and governmental agencies