Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Human Health Risk Assessment

Our staff has years of experience in preparing EPA- and/or State-compliant human health risk assessments.  We are experienced in calculating risk associated with carcinogenic PAHs, metals, inorganic volatiles, chlorinated compounds, petroleum products and more.  We perform risk assessments for exposures including swimming in natural waterways, inhalation of indoor and outdoor air, eating seafood, hunting and fishing in forests and bayous, residential activities, working at current and former oil and gas production sites, and working in industry. To ensure that we are providing our clients with first quality results, we are constantly updating our risk assessment knowledge and using the best current scientific research.  Our team will provide for you, as our client, a carefully performed human health risk assessment to answer your difficult questions about risk and toxins.

Ecological Risk Assessment 

We are experienced in and passionate about performing protective ecological risk assessments.  We calculate health risk to animal populations based on contaminant concentrations in the environment and specifics of the animals’ feeding habits, home range use and body weight.   

Our ecological risk assessments have included studies of mammals, birds, invertebrates, fish and shellfish and their exposures to carcinogenic and non-carcinogenic hydrocarbons, PAHs and metals.  Our risk assessment results provide a numerical value for the potential hazard to each animal population studied, and to human populations that may consume the animal populations.

We will provide you, as our clients, with an ecological risk assessment that is based on protection and conservation of animal populations. Learn more about our Wetlands and Coastal Ecology services

Toxicology Services

  • Expert opinions on toxic exposures that have occurred in your workplace or other settings
  • Chemical specific protective action standards for residents and workers in indoor and outdoor settings
  • Up-to-date scientific information summary for the compounds present in your area of interest